How can you donate to the Library?  The answer depends on what you want to donate.


Books and Materials

Donate your new and used books, CDs, and other materials to be used at the librarians discretion.  Some items will be added to the collection, others will be sold at our bi-annual book sales.  Proceeds from these sales directly benefit the Orwell Free Library.  Any items not used in the library collection or sold at a sale will be recycled.

Book donations are accepted at the library during open hours.  For information on what types of items we do and do not accept, see our GUIDELINES or visit our web page specifically on donating books and materials.

Adopt-an-Author is another great way to donate books. Talk to the librarian if you’re interested in supporting OFL in this way.


Support the Orwell Free Library by making a monetary contribution of any amount.  We use these funds to purchase materials, host programs and for general operating expenses.  Donors can also request that funds be used for a specific purpose.  You can drop off your donation at the library or mail them to Orwell Free Library, PO Box 92, Orwell, Vermont 05760.  All contributions to the Orwell Free Library are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.  Although it is unlikely, there may be an occasion in which the restrictions set by the donor make it impossible for the library to accept the contribution.


Memorial or Tribute Gifts (money in honor of someone else)


Make a contribution in honor of or memory of a friend or loved one.  OFL acknowledges memorial gifts by sending a letter to the family of the person being remembered.  An appropriate memorial nameplate may also be placed in the materials purchased with such donations.


Other Donations

Items such as computers, paintings and various equipments may be suitable for Library use.  Each item will be evaluated by the librarian for use in the library or by library patrons.  We reserve the right to refuse gifts or donate items to other agencies if does not fit within our current needs.


*The Library cannot assess the value of a donation.  There is a donation form that can be completed for your records.  It is the donor’s responsibility to determine the value of the donation or use an independent appraiser to do it for them.


Planned Gifts

Has the library made a difference in your life?  A bequest is a wonderful way to show your gratitude.  There are a variety of ways to make a charitable, planned gift.  One of the simplest is to give through your will or living trust.

If you are interested in adding the library to your will, talk to the Librarian today.