Ethan M. & Eliza T. Wright Memorial Library

The Orwell Free Library (OFL) is housed in a privately owned, publicly funded, building located across from the Orwell Town Green. The home, built sometime in the 1870’s, was purchased in memory of Ethan M. and Eliza T. Wright in the early 1900’s. During the 1920’s, the Wright family renovated the space and purchased library furniture and shelving, much of which is still in use today. The Ethan M and Eliza T. Wright Memorial Library (WMB) was set up as a philanthropic corporation in 1919 to oversee the physical building and assist in some aspects of library expenditures. The board, made up of 6 community members, continues to oversee the physical structure and utilities. The municipally elected Orwell Free Library Board of Trustees has oversight of the Orwell Free Library and library staff. There is a Responsibilities Agreement in place between the WMB, OFL Trustees, and Orwell Select Board that lays out who does what and aids in communication. 

Current members:

Sharon Fletcher

Laura Coro

Robert Martin

Ann Nichols

Tom Pinsonneault

Sarah Russell

Jim Dougherty

July 25, 2022 meeting agenda

October 10, 2022 meeting agenda

WMB By-Laws