Strategic Plan

The Orwell Free Library Board of Trustees adopted a Strategic Plan in June 2016 that lays out goals to work towards over the next 10 years.

Strategic Plan

Pillar I – Function of the Library as a Center of the Community

  • Facilitate common community identity and culture
  • Facilitate communication within the community and beyond
  • Remain geographically centrally located
  • Provide opportunities for life long educational and cultural experiences including hands on learning
  • Recognize and support the role of the librarian in patrons/community experience with the library

Pillar II – Space Utilization

  • Provide space that is open and inviting to all demographics
  • Maintain event space for library programming and community functions consistent with library mission
  • Maintain character of current space while providing up-to-date services
  • Create infrastructure to extend library beyond physical building
  • Provide quiet rooms to accommodate a variety of patron and staff uses

Pillar III – Technology

  • Use technology to expand the use of the library beyond the physical building
  • Provide technology capable of facilitating communication within the community and beyond
  • Provide technology in a variety of platforms to encourage lifelong learning and support programming at the library
  • Expand the number and types of technology needed to serve a variety of patron needs (small business, student, program attendees, people unable to visit the physical library, technology specific for lending)

Planned actions to meet the strategic plan

Committee Meeting Updates/Minutes 4/7/2018